1. Do you add any kind of sugar or artificial sweetener?

Answer for que 1 . Xinoa Bites has been founded by a fitness fanatic who understands the cons of eating sugar. No product of Xinoa Bites has sugar or any other artificial sweeteners added. We make sure that each product has jaggery or natural honey without any other syrup added.

2. Does your product contain any artificial supplements?

Answer for que 2 . No. Xinoa Bites does not include any artificial supplements and does not even encourage eating such ingredients. Our aim is to deliver extremely nutritious and natural snacks to our customers and help them boost their health in the most natural way.

3. Are your products processed in factories?

The best part about Xinoa Bites is that all the products are prepared in a natural environment and are hand-made. The hand-made process is what makes us stand out from other energy bars.

4. When is the right time to eat Xinoa Bites?

All bars of Xinoa Bites are prepared to end hunger in a bite! The right time to eat Xinoa Bites bars is every time! You can eat it before you hit the gym. You can eat it after a workout to help your body stay energetic. You can eat it in the study breaks, recess, movie intervals, or even on dates!

5. How long can I store Xinoa Bites products?

Xinoa Bites are purely natural products and do not contain any preservatives. You can store the products for a couple of weeks after the manufacturing date.

6. Do I need a refrigerator to store your products?

You need not have a refrigerator to keep the products good. Since all our products are prepared naturally, they might go bad in a few days. We recommend you eat the bars a couple of weeks after the manufacturing date.

7. Is every product pure veg?

Yes! All the products of Xinoa Bites are pure veg and do not contain any kind of meat or egg extracts. The products are prepared in natural oils.

8. Why does Xinoa have seeds as its primary ingredient?

Seeds contain plant-based, healthy fats, fiber, and minerals and hence, it is one of our special ingredients. Since Xinoa Bites is the perfect solution for pure vegetarian people, we make sure that every customer gets an equal nutritional value that they are missing out due to their vegetarian diet. To add to this, few seeds contain more protein & minerals than meat or eggs.

9. Are Xinoa Bites products vegan or dairy-free?

Most of our products do not contain milk or any other dairy products. There are a few products that contain dairy products. Our wide range of products is suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans. Along with seeds, we also include dry fruits, berries, cocoa powder, jaggery, honey, dates, etc