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6 Amazing Benefits of Gluten Free Food and Diet For You!

6 Amazing Benefits of Gluten Free Food and Diet For You!

Going gluten free is an excellent decision for many reasons. Gluten at its heart is unnatural, and in the long run, it can be harmful to your health. Plus many are born with gluten intolerance, or have celiac disease, forcing them to undergo a gluten-free diet. There are countless benefits of gluten free food as well- extending to mental and physical health.

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Although it’s present in many commonly consumed foods such as bread, beverages, sauces, etc., opting for a gluten free diet is an overall healthier choice.

But what exactly is gluten? And what does it mean to go gluten free?

To put it simply, gluten comes from a family of proteins- those which are found in barley and wheat. It has a sticky appearance and is used to ‘glue together’ baked bread. The chewy texture also comes from gluten. Due to these properties, it’s called ‘gluten’, which literally means glue in Latin. But as mentioned above, it’s not that great for our bodies.

Consuming gluten can also cause gastrointestinal issues. Those with celiac disease have extreme reactions to eating gluten and are forced to adopt a gluten free diet.
Going gluten-free means cutting out every type of gluten from your diet. Luckily, there are several benefits of gluten free food. Here are a few of them:

6 Super Healthy Benefits of Gluten Free Food

1. Benefits of Gluten Free: Reduces Bloating

Tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable all the time? Cutting out gluten from your diet can help lessen this feeling. Because gluten is sticky, it tends to digest slowly and with trouble, causing bloating and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach for some people. Those with gluten allergies will probably see extreme bloating and gas after a meal, and taking up a gluten free diet can eliminate this.

Gluten Free Food

2. Benefits of Gluten Free: Decreases Headaches

Did you know that recent research suggests that the condition of our gut is linked to our head? That’s why you may experience headaches and soreness if your stomach is upset. Plus, constantly having an upset stomach can also contribute to more frequent headaches. This is the reason that shifting to a gluten free diet will also automatically reduce your headaches.

3. Benefits of Gluten Free: Lessens Joint and Bone Pain

Many types of joint pains such as pain in your knees, back, and wrists can often be a symptom of having celiac disease. The disease also has adverse effects on your immunity system, thus affecting these joints. Going gluten-free will avoid this. Gluten can also impact the calcium in our bodies. Often excess gluten does not allow the proper absorption of nutrients in our body, including calcium. This in turn can cause calcium deficiency. The benefits of gluten free food extend to stronger bones through increased calcium.

Gluten Free Food

4. Benefits of Gluten Free: Helps Maintain Mental Health

Having a celiac disease can also contribute to decreased mental health and depression. As our gut is often linked to our brain, many underlying mental health issues can pop up with more gluten. One of the benefits of gluten free food is a happier brain!

5. Benefits of Gluten Free: Improves Energy Levels

One of the many effects of gluten intolerance also extends to being fatigued chronically. Gluten-containing food products hamper our intestines, and in turn, they don’t properly absorb all the nutrients our body needs for adequate amounts of energy. This can cause iron deficiency, which can lead to a severe decrease in our energy levels. Avoid gluten for more natural energy!

6. Benefits of Gluten Free: Useful for Glowing Hair & Skin

Another side effect of consuming gluten-containing food includes a higher risk of skin rashes as well. Due to nutritional deficiencies, the quality of our hair also decreases drastically and we can face hair loss. Gluten free is the way to beautiful, glowing, and strong hair and skin!

Now that you are aware of the holistic benefits of gluten free foods, you might be wondering- what should I eat for a gluten-free diet? Here are some free food items and recipes that are completely gluten free:
Gluten Free Food

  • Gluten-Free Whole grains including quinoa, brown rice, gluten-free oats
  • Citrus fruits, bananas, apples, berries
  • Green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, carrots, onions
  • Nuts, seeds, legumes


Eliminating gluten from your diet might be trickier than it seems, but the benefits of gluten free food make it worth it! Another gluten-free snacking option you can opt for is Xinoa Bites energy bars. These natural-protein-packed bars don’t contain any artificial ingredients or sugar and are also free of gluten. Order home your favorite flavors today!

November 28, 2022

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