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8 Easy Healthy Evening Snacks for Kids when They’re Hungry!

8 Easy Healthy Evening Snacks for Kids when They’re Hungry!

Kids are always hungry! Especially when they are in their growing phase. I remember I used to come home in the evening really hungry but just not in time for dinner! Luckily there were many evening snacks for kids my mother specialized in that used to fill my stomach up, but leave me hungry enough for dinner. While there were many options I could eat outside from grocery stores, or that came with processed foods and packages, my mother was always against this. Growing up, I realized how beneficial it was for me to eat homemade healthy snacks!

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What you eat defines how you grow and the amount of stamina you have. As a kid, it’s important to look at what you are putting into your body, both for nutrition and good habits when you grow up. I also understand that it’s hard to cook complicated snacks when both parents are working. This is why I decided to write this blog! Inside, I have enclosed 8 super easy evening snacks that are also very healthy. I have also kept in mind a normal Indian kitchen and the ingredients it has for convenience. Let’s dive in!

8 Delicious Evening Snacks for Kids That Will Leave Them Satisfied!

1. Evening Snacks for Kids: Frankie or Rolls

This is a foolproof evening snack for kids that can be prepared using leftover dinner or lunch ingredients! The best part about rolls and Frankies is that you can choose what to put in them! You can make it with parathas, rotis, leftover vegetables, or anything else. The benefits of this snack include finishing leftovers, and not letting nutrients go waste!

evening snacks for kids

2. Evening Snacks for Kids: Kebabs and Cutlets

These are healthy snacks you can prepare when you have a little more time on your hands. These are still relatively easy and fast to make, and extremely tasty too! One excellent example is Hara Bhara Kebab. The base ingredients of this kebab are spinach, peas, and potato.

You can make it cruncher by adding dry fruits such as cashews or walnuts! Personally, I love to eat this with Pudina chutney. Some other cutlet and kebab ideas to try out include Rajma Cutlet (add oats for a healthy kick!), stuffed potato cutlet, and beetroot coriander cutlet!

evening snacks for kids

3. Evening Snacks for Kids: Bread Upma

A popular South Indian breakfast, Bread Upma is super easy to whip up with only the ingredients in your kitchen pantry! All you need are a few spices, tomatoes, and onions. Simply toss these ingredients into an open pan and saute them to perfection.

4. Evening Snacks for Kids: Banana Dosa

This sweet treat always used to make me very happy in the evening. Made with simple ingredients including ripe banana, maida, and rice flour, you can enjoy this gooey tasty treat with sugar syrup or jam! A popular dish from Kerala, you will need to make the batter with mashed bananas, jaggery syrup, and dry ingredients like flour and maida. Add in salt and sugar for taste. A few other ingredients to add to enhance the taste are cardamom powder or cashews.

5. Evening Snacks for Kids: Beetroot Loni Sponge Dosa

Your favorite dosa recipe is made healthier! With the addition of beetroot, which is a treat to both your eyes and body, the beetroot loni sponge dosa. It goes along fabulously with red and green chutney and sambar. You can add either beetroot paste or shredded beetroot to your dosa batter.

6. Evening Snacks for Kids: Fruit Shake

While I started having these when I was a kid, this is a snack I still savor even today! Personally, I love to make thick fruit shakes with yogurt and fresh fruits that can also be eaten. Plus, this tasty snack will keep your kid full for a couple of hours right in time for dinner.

evening snacks for kids

7. Evening Snacks for Kids: Pizza Style Cheese Toast

This snack is definitely a kid’s favorite. As the name suggests, you can toss cheese, vegetables, and other seasonings on a slice of bread and toast it in a pan. One pro tip: cover the toast with a bowl for melted cheese and a better taste!

evening snacks for kids

8. Evening Snacks for Kids: Potato Toast

Another toast variant you can try out is potato toast. First, mash potatoes and then spread them evenly over your toast. You can season this with salt, pepper, and vegetables of your choice as well. Then put it on top of a pan and cover it for a fully melted and deliciously good taste!


I hope you found these easy evening snacks or kids super convenient to make! My recommendation is to start making them the next time your kid feels hungry. For one more healthy snack that is made of all-natural ingredients and also acts as an energy bar, Xinoa Bites is your answer. Packed with the goodness of nuts, dry fruits, and seeds, these delicious protein-packed snacks come in 3 flavors. Stock up on your favorite flavors today!

January 5, 2023

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