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Top 5 Healthy Snacks Eaten by Gym Freaks!

Top 5 Healthy Snacks Eaten by Gym Freaks!

If you have just started to work out, controlling what you eat can be a huge challenge. A pack of chips or a chocolate bar sounds perfect after a long and tiring workout session. But, once you eat an unhealthy snacks, your grind for the day will go down the drain! Consuming the calories you have just burnt might seem okay at the moment, but it’s harmful in the long run.

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A Gym Freak must choose a snack that satisfies their hunger as well as keeps them charged for the day! You must have heard that protein is a gym frequenter’s best friend! It’s true, but have you ever wondered why so many people are so crazy about protein? Protein contains Amino Acids that once eaten break down slowly in your body.

In turn, they not only satiate hunger but also give your body long-lasting energy. Amino Acids also contain components that help in repairing muscle tear, something that happens quite often when you go to the gym. Moreover, protein is best known to keep blood sugar in your body steady, while keeping weight gain at bay. Here are 5 highly tasty and nutritious snacks filled with protein to eat after your workout!

5 Nutritious Snacks to Eat When You’re Hungry, but Also a Gym Freak!

1. Quinoa Bread and Cheese Balls

You can make these delicious, protein-packed treats by mixing quinoa with cheese and covering these balls with bread crumbs. Other ingredients include seasonings such as pepper, salt, garlic powder, and paprika. This delicious snack can be enjoyed roasted, or fried in olive oil along with tomato paste or sauce! Quinoa is a complete protein, and it contains all nine of the amino acids our bodies can’t replicate. Pick this highly healthy and tasty treat next time you crave something cheesy after your workout!

2. Lightly Roasted Chickpeas

The perfect snacking option- roasted chickpeas are light, mouth-watering, and a treat to munch on! You can roast chickpeas over medium heat on a pan, and sprinkle any seasoning of your choice. If you want, you can add chat masala for a chatpat-y snack! Much like quinoa, chickpeas also contain all nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body. Next time you are watching a movie, switch out your popcorn for this crunchy and tasty snack!

Snacks: Roasted Chickpeas

3. Frozen Yogurt and Cereal

Yogurt is delicious. Cereal is also delicious. But combining the two is an amazing treat for your taste buds! A hearty bowl of frozen yogurt with cereal or granola, some fresh-cut fruit, and a drizzle of honey can replace ice cream any day. Yogurt is a low-fat dairy product and an excellent source of protein, and calcium, which are responsible for keeping your bones strong. Cereal and Granola also contain essential micronutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, and folate along with protein, making this easy-to-prepare snack a source to consume multiple nutrients!

4. Peanut Butter Bananas

This snack is extremely convenient to prepare if you are in a rush! Made of bananas and peanut butter, the sweet and grainy taste of both compliments each other flawlessly! To prepare this treat, simply cut up bananas, and spread or drizzle peanut butter over them! You can microwave this dish if you wish to eat it warm, and even sprinkle cinnamon powder for a rich kick. Bananas are high in fiber, and peanut butter is good for the heart along with being a high protein source. You can liven up a simple banana with this simple yet fulfilling snack!

Snacks: Peanut Butter Bananas

5. Hummus and Cut Veggies

Although Hummus might seem like a fancy and hard-to-make dish, it’s extremely simple to prepare! You just need to mix and grind 7 ingredients together- cooked chickpeas, tahini, olive oil (extra-virgin is a healthier choice), lemon juice, garlic, water, and salt (you can opt for Sea salt for a more authentic taste!). Preparing a big batch that can last you for the whole week can keep a tasty post-workout treat ready for you at home! Chickpeas are high in protein, and hummus eaten with cut veggies like carrots, cucumber, and celery can serve as the perfect in-between meal snack to chase away any hunger pangs!

Snacks :Hummus and Cut Veggies


Although it can be easy to eat a fruit or vegetable, eating them every day can get boring and monotonous. The high-nutritious snacks in this blog keep things interesting by providing not just protein, but also many other macronutrients while being extremely easy to prepare! Apart from these treats, another tasty snack that can be eaten by gym-goers is energy bars. Xinoa Bites Energy bars are tasty, light, and made of natural ingredients high in protein and several other nutrients. To stock up on your healthy and tasty gym snacks, order from us today!


July 11, 2022

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