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7 Super Healthy Pistachio Benefits for Skin And A Healthy Body!

7 Super Healthy Pistachio Benefits for Skin & A Healthy Body!

Who doesn’t love pistachios? They might not be as crunchy, but they have a nostalgic taste and there are numerous pistachio benefits. Personally, my memories with pistachios are attached to vacations with my grandparents, when I peeled them with them and ate them together while helping grandma around the house. Any time I visited their place, they always made sure one of their snack jars was full of dry fruits, and among them pistachios!

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It was not until I grew up I realized how important it is to have a regular intake of dry fruits including pistachios.

In fact, modern snacking trends tend to lean towards an unhealthy front. It’s high time people rediscover the goodness and tastiness of dry fruits, especially pistachios. Packed with nutrients and properties that impart good health, and coming in 3 different colors, pistachios, or pista’s are one of the healthiest foods out there. In particular, pistachio benefits for skin and hair are plenty. Without further ado, here are 7 of the most incredible pistachio benefits!

7 Incredible Pistachio Benefits for Skin & A Healthy System!

1. Pistachio Benefits for Skin & Hair:

There are countless pistachio benefits, but among them, pistachio benefits for skin are big! First and foremost, eating pistachios allows your body to create its own sunscreen! They do this by helping to fight any free radicals that may attack your cells. Pistachios are high in Vitamin E, which helps to form a sunblock for your skin and also contributes to soft and youthful skin. Plus, the good fatty acids naturally keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

There is also a reason why pistachio oil is so popular! Apart from skin, pistachios are also greatly beneficial for your hair quality and help it grow faster and stronger. They are extremely rich in biotin, which works hard to keep your hair lustrous and unbreakable. Pistachios also keep it hydrated and heal split ends.

Pistachio Benefits for Skin & Hair

2. Pistachio Benefits: Strengthens Nervous System

Another nutrient pistachios are rich in is Vitamin B6. This component helps create myelin, which makes a border of protection that surrounds our nerves. A well-protected nervous system equals a high-functioning one! Further, our nervous system contains amines, which are responsible for the communication of different body parts. They are fueled by Vitamin B6 in pistachios. Pistachios are also great at calming us down. They propel the production of a few internal acids that bring calmness to our nerves.

3. Pistachio Benefits: Good For Your Eyes

I am sure you have heard that carrots help improve your eyesight, but did you know that pistachios are equally great for that too? Their high carotenoid content is a great provider of lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are powerful antioxidants. They work hard to sharpen your eyesight and defeat age-related eye problems such as macular degeneration.

4. Pistachio Benefits: Hemoglobin Inducer

As you already know, pistachios are high in Vitamin B6. This nutrient promotes the faster and better creation of hemoglobin, which brings oxygen to all parts of our bloodstream. Another Vitamin B6 benefit is that it helps to create red blood cells. These blood cells are responsible for fighting infections and free radicals. Regularly consuming pistachio plays a big role in improving your immunity.

Pistachio Benefits

5. Pistachio Benefits: Great For Your Heart

Pistachio is a heartnut! With an abundance of healthy fats and antioxidants that work towards building a strong heart, they also lessen the chance of heart attacks and strokes. Pistachios help control cholesterol in our bodies with their Vitamin E content. Most heart-related diseases occur due to high-calorie intake and the consumption of unhealthy fats. Pistachios make you feel fuller for a long time and help to satiate unhealthy cravings. They are also experts in controlling the calorie levels in our bodies. Every person who wants a healthy lifestyle must include pistachios in their intake!

6. Pistachio Benefits: Can Help Diabetes

Pistachios are a recommended nut to consume for those with type 2 diabetes. It has excellent sugar-regulating properties which are also helpful for those who simply want to cut down on sugar as well! Besides, pistachios are rich in phosphorus, which is a component that actively breaks down protein into amino acids.

Pistachio Benefits

7. Pistachio Benefits: Aid in Digestion

As all dry fruits are, pistachios are high in fiber which is excellent for our digestive systems. These improve gut health and help you feel less bloated. Rather than eating an unhealthy fatty snack that degrades your stomach health, munching on pistachios can bring a huge turn to your health!


I hope these pistachio benefits were more than enough to convince you to bring some on your platter for snacking and otherwise! Do keep in mind that the recommended intake of pistachios daily does not exceed 56 grams, and you will need to drink enough water along with it as well! For more healthy munching options, you can check out Xinoa Bites. With energy bars packed with nuts, dry fruits, berries, and everything natural, these bars will keep you fuller and full of energy for longer! Stock up on your favorite flavors today!

December 19, 2022

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