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5 Amazing Types Of Raisins; Benefits Of Kishmish

5 Different Types Of Raisins; Benefits Of Kishmish

What do you think of eating when someone asks you to eat healthily? I know you said Fruits! Along with fruits, different types of raisins are also extremely healthy. I have never heard that any fruit is not good for health. All fruits like Mangoes, Chikkus, Guavas, Grapes, etc. have unique health benefits & nature has made sure that all fruits contain something your body would thank you for having!

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In this blog, we are going to talk about Grapes in a dried form; Raisins. Grapes are known for their juicy, sweet, & tangy flavors. This super juicy fruit is super healthy when dried as well. There are 6 types of raisins; did you know that?

Raisins often known as Kishmish in India are found in every household. Did you know that different types of raisins were added to authentic Indian cuisine due to their amazing health benefits & the joy they bring to the tastebuds?

What are the 5 different types of raisins /types of kishmish?

  1. Black Raisins
  2. Green Raisins
  3. Red Raisins
  4. Currant Raisins
  5. Sultanas Raisins

1. Black Raisins-

The most common type of raisin which is easily available in every grocery store in India is Black Raisin (Kala Kishmish). Grapes are kept for more time in sunlight until the hue gets black. These are the most dried form of grapes and are delicious!

Benefits of kishmish that too black raisin are that it helps in improving skin & hair health. If you are the kind of person who exists to impress, you will fall in love with black raisin benefits on your hair & skin glow. Most common wines are prepared with black raisins. Benefits of kishmish also include reduction of bad cholesterol, enhancement of oral health, relief from constipation, etc.

Types Of Raisins: Black

2. Green Raisins-

The green raisins are 2-3 cm long & slim. These are usually dried in a dark room away from sunlight. Green raisins are dried by taking out all the juiciness. Green raisins usually have a sweet & tangy flavor and are used in many sweet items like Kheer, Halwa, Laddoo, etc.

Green raisins are a rich source of vitamin D & phosphorus. These qualities of raisins help them become great food for bone & are often suggested to get relief from arthritis. Green raisins also prevent iron deficiency, and anemia, and improve digestion & red blood cell generation.

Types Of Raisins: Green

3. Red Raisins-

Another amazing type of raisins is red raisins. Made from flame grapes that are red-skinned and seedless. The best part about red raisins is that it is extremely sweet & firm. Adding just 5-6 raisins to any sweet dish will no longer need sugar!

Red raisins are considered best for late-night snacking. You can also check out this blog to check out what are other awesome late-night snacking. It fills your tummy quickly as it is high in iron and dietary fiber. Red raisins are well-known as anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Make sure you restrict the consumption of red raisins due to their extreme sweetening agents.

Types Of Raisins:Red

4. Currant Raisins-

A specific type of grape is called ​​Black Corinth. These are small-sized seedless grapes. Current raisins are the smallest type of raisins. People often get confused between black raisins & currant raisins.

These raisins, like other types of raisins, are helpful for osteoporosis, controlling blood pressure, relieving constipation, etc.

5. Sultanas Raisins-

Turkish people named these types of raisins Sultanas. These are prepared from Thompson Seedless grapes that are commonly cultivated in California. These are light brown in color & taste sweet.

The benefits of kishmish are that they are rich in Potassium, Vitamin C, & Vitamin K making it a great food for bone problems.

Types Of Raisins:Sultanas

Final thoughts:

Eating a total of 5-6 raisins every day can help your body in many ways. In Xinoa Bites energy bars, we add different types of raisins like Sultana raisins, Black raisins, etc. along with other dried fruits. So if you want to have different types of raisins with a combination of amazing other ingredients like almonds, berries, etc., you must try out Xinoa Bites energy bars. Click here to order.

October 17, 2022

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