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  • What to eat before gym? When to eat protein bars? Perfect answer!

What to eat before gym? When to eat protein bars? Perfect answer!

What to eat before gym? When to eat protein bars? Perfect answer!

“What to eat before gym?” is a more vital question than “How to workout in the gym?”

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Hey all! Hope you all are doing well and sweating hard in the gyms every morning. Well, even if you are not a gym person, working out every morning by performing yoga, running, walking, or anything will keep your body fit. Did you know that working out is just a small part of the process? Eating healthy is the game changer! One must know what to eat before gym and when to eat protein bars for the best results.

In this blog, let’s find out why it is important to focus on a healthy diet along with workouts and why timing plays a vital role.

What to eat before gym?

Not that I am a certified nutritionist or a professional dietitian, but being a professional Sportsperson, I understand the importance of a healthy diet to keep your body active for a longer time. We all think that lifting weights in the gym and doing those pushups & crunches is the tough part. But let me tell you the reality. The tough part is avoiding junk food and eating only what is healthy for you. When your friends are enjoying the tasty food, saying no to that slice is the tough part!

Knowing What to eat before gym and after a workout is very crucial.

1. Carbs:

Carbohydrates, known as carbs, provide the necessary energy to our body & muscles through glucose. Carbs & protein pair together to source the necessary amount of energy for your body. Whatever amount of calories you consume in a day, around 45% to 65% of it has its share of carbs. All in all, to complete all the functions and physical activities, the body requires 235 to 335 carbs every day.

What to eat before gym: Crabs

2. Fats:

While heavy workouts, eating fat-rich food is recommended. The body requires healthy fatty acids to perform every activity and it cannot produce these fatty acids by itself. We all know how vital all vitamins are. But did you know that to absorb certain vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, & Vitamin E, the body needs fats? Without fats, these vitamins cannot be consumed by the body.

3. Proteins:

Proteins are the fuel of energy your body needs. Proteins are used to perform smooth blood circulation in the body. Generating body cells, keeping body cells healthy, fighting against infections, etc. are some important roles of proteins in our bodies.

Consuming protein can be done through natural sources and synthetic protein as well. But why not go with synthetic protein? Get the answer here.

Every day, try to consume 50g of protein to maintain a healthy physique. Wonder how to do that? Here is the answer.

4. Smoothies:

Smoothie is a perfect drink before a workout. Make sure you drink 1 glass of smoothie before a workout as it has yogurt & your favorite fruits to boost your energy in a blink of an eye! Adding sugar is not recommended.

5. Oats:

Oats with low-fat milk, some good fruits, & fry fruits; a perfect bowl of healthy pre-workout snacks. Next time you get the question of what to eat before gym when you are running late, make this super instant snack, and you are sorted.

6. Energy bars:

The best trail mix is the energy bar. Energy bars like Xinoa Bites have the perfect blend of healthy seeds, berries, natural sweeteners, dry fruits, and lots of love! Make sure you get an energy bar that has no sugar, no trans fat, is gluten-free, & no synthetic protein.
What to eat before gym When to eat protein bars

All the above 3 options have a perfect balance of carbs, fats, & proteins.

When to eat protein bars?


The timing of eating protein bars is supremely important! We already have put light on the importance of proteins and how energy bars can boost your health. Protein bars like Xinoa Bites are required before as well as after a workout. Eating a protein bar before workouts will boost your energy and after a workout restore the energy.

Hope you got answers to your questions. Check out a variety of energy bars at Xinoa Bites here.

October 31, 2022

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