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The Best Time to Eat Nuts: 5 Creative Ways To Eat More Nuts!

The Best Time to Eat Nuts: 5 Creative Ways To Eat More Nuts!

For years, many people have had the myth that the high-fat content in nuts is terrible for them- and as a result, have been completely shunning them from their daily diet. But, this is untrue. A little-known fact is that the best time to eat nuts is when you are trying to lose or manage your weight, or are on a weight-conscious diet!

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Eating nuts are linked with weight-loss properties, and having a variety of them makes sure you have all the essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, antioxidants, and many more nutrients that work hard to keep your organs and systems spick-and-span!

But then again, some people find it hard to add more nuts to their daily meal plans. In fact, the best time to eat nuts is all the time! They can be eaten separately as snacks or in your meals on the side, or can be added to many recipes and dishes- to enhance taste and health! There are so many creative ways to eat more nuts, and here are a few methods you can try out on your own!

How to Eat Nuts? The Best Time to Eat Nuts!

5 Creative Ways to Eat More Nuts!

1. Nuts & Rice

As mentioned above, one of the best time to eat nuts is during lunch and dinner! It’s a well-kept secret, but many forms of rice go along splendidly with nuts. In fact, Indian rice recipes pride themselves on using nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts. These nuts not only bring up the health factor of your meal but also take up the richness with their flavors! An example of rice with nuts includes curd rice, tadka, and steamed cashews. You can steam the cashews if you want them soft, or if you prefer them harder, you can use them to garnish your dish as well.

Best time to eat Nuts

2. Liven Up your Smoothies

Best time to eat Nuts
Another best time to eat nuts is early in the morning. This trick is perfect for gym-goers, or those who work out and exercise. Smoothies are not something new and the blended fruit and protein beverage can be made healthier with nuts! If you want to incorporate the flavor of almonds into your smoothie, you can directly blend it in the shake, but if you prefer a fruity taste, you can crush and add it on top of your smoothie!

3. Salads & Nuts

No, salads don’t only have vegetables! Salads can be made more crunchy, juicy, and healthy with a variety of nuts and fruits as well!. The combination of fresh juicy fruits and vegetables, with crunchy and rich nuts, is guaranteed to make you nuts for any salad. One pro tip: for maximum crunchiness, add nuts right before serving or eating a salad. This is one of the best time to eat nuts.

4. Nuts to Pastas & Soups

Best time to eat Nuts


Another best time to eat nuts is to enjoy them with delicacies like pasta and soups. Both of these are comfort meals, and the taste of nuts complements their savory flavors perfectly! You can switch out your usual oils to fat-free oils, and add crushed nuts, or blended nuts to an Alfredo pasta sauce. Many restaurants use this trick to enhance their plates of pasta- which is why they taste so yummy!

Nuts also go along splendidly in soups, making them creamier and thicker. No matter which soup, blending a type of nut in it will take up its nutrition level massively.

5. Nutty Cheese

Another best time to eat nuts! Everyone has cheese spread in their fridge. You can now eat cheese with less guilt, simply by adding nuts to it! Cut up cashews or almonds and add them to your creamy cheese spread, and enjoy a nutty, crunchy cheese layer on your bread, parathas, or any other recipe!


You can’t ever go wrong with nuts! I am pretty sure you now know that the best time to eat nuts is all the time. Try out these 5 creative and tasty methods to add more nuts to your daily meal regime. For more healthy recipes, you can check out our blog page, where we tell you healthy and innovative recipes you can eat! If you are looking for nut-based snacks, try out Xinoa Bites Bars. Our energy bars are natural with no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors, and are extremely tasty! Order your favorite flavors today!

November 10, 2022

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