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Nuts for Weight Gain: Myth or Truth? 4 Amazing Benefits!

Nuts for Weight Gain: Myth or Truth? 4 Amazing Benefits!

You must have heard from everyone- that nuts are extremely healthy. They are in the daily recommended intake for a well-balanced meal. But do you know what nutritional contents are present in nuts? And should you eat nuts for weight gain or do nuts increase weight in the long run?

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The truth is that, yes nuts do have fat and calorie content in them. But that does not mean that they should be excluded from your diet. In fact, it’s the opposite. Despite many myths that calories and fats are terrible for the human body, they are necessary for its functioning. Of course, excess fats and calories are bad, but nuts contain the right amount of good fats. What are good fats, and why are they essential for a healthy body? Read on to find out!

Nuts for Weight Gain: Nuts, Fats & Facts

Let’s answer the burning question: Do nuts increase weight? The bottom line is that eating nuts in moderation will not increase your weight. Yes, there are fats present in nuts, but they are good fats and our bodies do not absorb all of them. The best part about nuts is that our bodies only absorb most of the good nutrients!

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Nuts for Weight Gain: Difference between Healthy & Unhealthy Fats

As mentioned above, not all fats are bad. Nuts in particular are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which fall in the healthy or good category of fats. These fats are incredibly healthy for your heart and help reduce cholesterol & decrease inflammation. Opposite to these are saturated fats whose excess consumption can put you at a higher risk of heart disease. Here is the fat content in some nuts:

Nuts for Weight Gain Nuts for Weight Gain: Fat Content in Nuts
Here are the fat content grams per 100 grams of these nuts:

Nuts for Weight Gain

The calorie and fat content may seem high in these nuts, but that does not mean we should not be completely avoiding them. In fact, through research people who eat nuts often gain less weight than ones who don’t. One study also shows that people who consumed nuts tended to lose weight faster than people who did not eat them at all.

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Nuts for Weight Gain: Other Nut Benefits

Here are a few more reasons why the fats in nuts are incredible, and these food items are indispensable in a healthy diet!
Nuts for weight gain

  1. We Burn More Calories with Nuts
    Eating nuts for weight gain is only a myth! As mentioned before our body does not absorb all the calories in nuts. In fact, it does the opposite by helping our body burn fats and nuts. The more calories you burn, the easier it is to lose weight!
  2. Not all the Fat is Absorbed
    A nut’s cell wall is where all the fat is stored and thus is harder to break down. That’s why our body does not absorb and store these fats. Apart from this, a portion of the fat is also excreted from our bodies. That’s why the statement of eating nuts for weight gain is a lie!
  3. Nuts Chase away your Hunger
    Nuts have properties that help you stay fuller for a way longer time. That’s why they are the perfect snack for people on a diet! This is because nuts have high fiber and protein content.
  4. Nuts Promote a Healthy & Longer Lifestyle
    Nuts don’t just contain calories! Some other nutrients found in abundance in nuts are Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Fiber, Protein, Plant Sterols, and L-arginine.


I hope the question “do nuts increase weight” is completely clear to you now. Nuts for weight gain is a myth, due to the good fats. These healthy foods can be involved in any meal of the day, but are most popular as snacks. If you want a snack that has nuts, is sweet without sugar, and contains natural ingredients like seeds and dry fruits, you must try out Xinoa Bites Bars. Our energy bars are perfect for fitness freaks and are a healthy & tasty treat for your body & tongue! Order your favorite flavors today!

October 24, 2022

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